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The MyWayGaming Family

How We Do What We Do

Our talented team always strives to deliver incredible results. They work unbelievably hard to create meaningful change for our Non-Profit Organizations — shaping the way gamers give back. Scroll down to find out more.

Founding Members

Edwin Mendoza

Founder and CEO

Just a dad trying to make the world a better place. After a little inspiration, Edwin came came up with a way to help the small non-profits in our communities that are making huge impacts with small budgets. Imagine if they had more funding what MORE of a difference they could make? MyWayGaming helps with that. By bringing awareness to non-profits that need help spreading the word about all of the wonderful things they do. 


April Mendoza

Social Media Marketer 

April Mendoza AKA HempyMama is the wife to Edwin Mendoza, a mother to 8 beautiful children, President of Masterminds Social Media Management, Board President for Tiny Town CA and she is MyWayGaming's social media marketer, taking care of all of videos and flyers for our fundraisers she works alongside ProfessorStalke our social media manager to help spread the word.

Hempy logo.jpg


"InterYeti is an active military service member who streams on his off time, now with further purpose supports Non-Profit Organizations while he streams.



"MetalDemiGoddess is 24/7 mom, a Special Education Assistant by day and Make-Up Artist and Horror game, variety streamer with us by night. She has a mind and heart for people. She brings light to Non-Profit Organizations on her channel while gaming and occasionally make-up streams.



"Connixx is a Variety Streamer who saves lives by day as a nurse, and entertains the masses by night. With the passion and drive to bring awareness to the Non Profit Organizations and their fundraising efforts through streaming.


WKOG Radio




"Michael aka D the Metal Chill Vibes Guru is an amazing individual that streams for the pleasure and enjoyment of the viewers, with his goal to help music fans start the day with their favorite metal music, he also has a heart of gold. He is committed to giving back to children charities as well as Veteran Non-profits. Get to know him by joining him in his morning and evening streams almost daily!"

"Cody DiBlasio aka DiBlasio12 is one of our appreciated Veterans, helping on multiple fronts, he is streaming, as well as our active promoter on behalf of all our streamers and non-profits. With a passion to give back to ALS cause being close to home, he is all In for charities!"


"Tylor Vaughn aka IPLAYTOUGH is a new streamer but bringing the passion with finding non-profits to support and new to streaming, finding a lost passion for gaming, he is ready to give back!"


"I’m an old school gamer girl and geek cheek down to the tee. From growing up on old school Atari to Nintendo Gameboy, sega genesis, PlayStation and Xbox first edition. I’ve always enjoyed gaming as it was an outlet for me to escape and have fun as a child, plus I mean I can’t lie I did enjoy beating my two brothers a lot at games. But what really brought me back into the gaming and the streaming realm was the military; and being a veteran now it’s still been all about being able to connect with friends and strangers in a way where I can continue to build friendships and help those especially in the realm of mental health. Service to others has always been a strong suit of mine and I hope that my healthcare, mental health advocacy and military background aside that I can make a difference by using my fun talents apart of gaming and streaming to help truly make a difference and an impact on others as well as to continue to grow a network of people apart of a much larger gaming community that provides an outlet for individuals, a resource hub for support and guidance with mental health related issues and in addition be a safe welcoming place for all to feel comfortable just hanging out and being themselves. I look forward to seeing where this new chapter in my life takes me and thank those around me who’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone to take a chance and go for new opportunities like this here with MyWayGaming. Thank you and as always much love and support let us all continue to spread more kindness and positivity out in the world."


"Aloha! Most people just call me "King", I'm a variety streamer but my favorite type of games will always be MMORPG's. I'm an advocate for mental health and steadily growing in my new home on Twitch & Trovo. Please stop by and enjoy the chill vibes, Mahalo!"


"tb_bluesnowfox is just a furry fox trying to bring love and harmony through gaming and friends. She is a variety streamer and loves playing with friends. Stop by and Hi. You will have a great time." 

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